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By federal law (posted below) no state or local government can prohibit the sale of airguns but other restrictions can be imposed. It's YOUR responsibility to abide by the laws in your area. If you buy a gun or the parts to build one and then find it's restricted or unlawful that's YOUR problem. It's legal for us to ship parts and airguns to any location in the US and all US territories but may not be legal for YOU to possess them. We reserve the right to refuse shipping of complete airguns to specific locations.

The following summary contains sections of federal law that pertain to the sale of airguns. It explains that traditional pellet guns, BB guns and paintball guns are not considered to be replica, imitation or look-alike firearms. They are not required to have markings indicating so. No state or local government can require such marks or prohibit the sale of these guns. This law starts out by specifying that toy guns, which includes airsoft, are required to have special markings. We left subsections out that were irrelevant to pellet guns and highlighted in blue the ones that specifically pertain to them.

15 U.S.C. 
United States Code,  2010 Edition
Sec. 5001 - Penalties for entering into commerce of imitation firearms

(a) Acts prohibited

It shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture, enter into commerce, ship, transport, or receive any toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm unless such firearm contains, or has affixed to it, a marking approved by the Secretary of Commerce, as provided in subsection (b) of this section.

​(c) “Look-alike firearm” defined

For purposes of this section, the term “look-alike firearm” means any imitation of any original firearm which was manufactured, designed, and produced since 1898, including and limited to toy guns, water guns, replica nonguns, and air-soft guns firing nonmetallic projectiles.
Such term does not include any look-alike, nonfiring, collector replica of an antique firearm developed prior to 1898, or traditional B–B, paint-ball, or pellet-firing air guns that expel a projectile through the force of air pressure.

​(g) Preemption of State or local laws or ordinances; exceptions

The provisions of this section shall supersede any provision of State or local laws or ordinances which provide for markings or identification inconsistent with provisions of this section provided that no State shall—

(ii) prohibit the sale (other than prohibiting the sale to minors) of traditional B–B, paint ball, or pellet-firing air guns that expel a projectile through the force of air pressure.

(Pub. L. 100–615, §4, Nov. 5, 1988, 102 Stat. 3190.)


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Updated May 21, 2018


On May 19th we started getting complaints from customers about ridiculously overpriced shipping charges. One was over $86 for a package that should have been $9. This was due to new shipping information requirements that started last week. Each parts listing needed more info added for the correct USPS pricing. We were unaware anything had changed until the complaints started. It took us two days to get the problem fixed. If you have any issues placing your order please let me know.

~ Bill Baldyga, CEO & Manager


PCP tubes are now listed including 2240, 2250 and 2260MB versions.



 A new version of the Magnum Valve for 22XX 12 gram CO2 models is only about a week away. They produce more power with better efficiency than any other cartridge valve currently on the market.


New custom hammers for 13XX and 22XX are at Smith & Wesson being heat-treated. We hope to have them listed in about two weeks. They are a completely new design with a thread-in cocking pin. This feature eliminates the hard-cocking problem that's been plaguing the Discovery and Maximus models since their introduction. They're all fluted and notched, even the 13XX version so they can be used with Crosman Custom Shop, Discovery and custom breeches that use the same screw location back further under the bolt. With my custom breech screws the 13XX hammer will clear, they are shorter than the Crosman screws which will hit the hammer. There are two versions of the 22XX hammer, one has a built-in device that eliminates ping. That along with silencers we have on the way makes even my most powerful custom  PCP guns nearly silent. Magnum Airpower is about to take "backyard friendly" to a whole new power level.


New custom .177 and .22 bolts with handles made of heat-treated 410 stainless steel are just about finished. They are perfect for use with heavy hammer springs, much stronger than standard bolts and handles. We also have .22 bolts and handles made of 360 brass that will be listed soon.


The black Nitrile o-rings listing has been revised and a new one for Viton o-rings is on the way. The thicker 3/32" diameter and bolt o-rings have changed from 90D to 70D to make them easier to install. Only the outer valve, fill adapter and outer/inner gauge-port o-rings for Discovery are still 90D. The Viton o-rings are all 75D and green so they don't get confused with the black Nitrile versions.


We were able to get the LUBRICATION page back up and edited. I strongly recommend reading it. It clears up a lot of the mythology that exists on the subject. It also explains why Magnum Airpower's high-performance oils are the best and safest in the industry. The page is in the TECHNICAL INFO link of the navigation bar above.