November 17, 2022

Inventory has been updated, many custom parts are back in stock.


Our custom 13XX valves require a shorter 3/8" mounting screw for the front of the trigger-frame in order to avoid damaging the valve cap. Both the factory 7/16" screw and the screw included in our 13XX screw kits are too long for the custom valves, when tightened all the way down they create an internal bulge near the valve-check causing the valve to not hold air. A 3/8" socket cap screw is included with our 13XX valve and piston kits. Some older trigger frames with the die-cast metal trigger covers are thick enough that the 7/16" screws work fine, the newer frames with the 3-screw plastic cover are not generally thick enough and allow the screw to bottom-out, if forced to go in deeper that's when the damage occurs.

Another issue, many customers were overtightening the locking collars on the custom pistons. The Delrin base of those tends to bulge making the diameter larger if too much torque is applied, this causes the piston to bind inside the tube. The shape of those piston bases has been changed to prevent binding if the locking collar is overtightened. If you have issues with your older piston base binding you can ship it to us to be reshaped, we will ship it back free of charge, email if you need our address.

​​Please read our TUBE DEFECTS page in the TECHNICAL INFO link above for details about 22XX tubes that may not be safe for bulk-fill, PCP or HPA conversion.


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