Our freedom rests solely on our ability to communicate, organize and defend ourselves. That's why these are the first and most important rights protected by the US constitution. They are natural rights that are protected, not granted. That is the context in which America was founded and our constitutional rights were established. When the constitution was written, arms meant guns which also included airguns. Airguns were superior to firearms at that time but were far more expensive and therefore not as common.

 Gun rights are under attack more than any other time in American history. Politicians, media and the educational system villainize gun owners to a degree never equaled in the past. Anti-gun groups have become powerful, extremely well-funded and are gaining wide support. The federal government and many states have enacted laws to severely limit second amendment rights. In many states and cities airguns are also heavily restricted.

 There have been some legal victories for gun rights in recent years. It's only due to the hard work of gun rights organizations, with critical support from their members, that some progress has been made. There's still a long way to go, the fight to restore and protect our rights needs to be intensified. Gun rights groups also defend the airgun hobby. The NRA has an extensive variety of competitive airgun shooting programs and is the most involved.

 I call on fellow firearm and airgun owners to join and promote the gun rights groups linked on the home page. They are leading the battle to restore and protect our freedom. They provide links and resources making it easy to stay informed and take action. It's simple, inexpensive and you don't have to own a firearm to join. They aren't always in agreement on certain issues but they are the most effective and widely respected gun rights groups. They need the membership and funding necessary to get the job done.

 Thank you for your time,

 Bill Baldyga, Owner & Manager, NRA Endowment Life Member, NRA Golden Eagle, SAF Life Member, GOA Life Member