Our freedom rests solely on the ability to communicate, organize and defend ourselves. That's why these are the first and most important rights protected by the US constitution. They're natural rights that are protected, not granted. That's the context in which our Bill of Rights was established. When this country was founded arms included airguns. At that time big-bore airguns had been in use for around 200 years. They were used for hunting, self defense and warfare. The Girandoni air rifle is the most famous example. It had thread-on air reservoirs, similar to modern HPA tanks, that could be changed easily. It held twenty-two .46 caliber lead balls and could be fired in rapid succession. It was very quiet compared to firearms, produced no smoke to give away the shooters location and could be reloaded quickly. It was one of the best hunting and combat rifles of it's time.

 Gun rights are under attack more than any other time in American history. Politicians, media and the educational system villainize gun owners to a degree never equaled in the past. Anti-gun groups have become powerful, extremely well-funded and are gaining wide support. The federal government and many states have enacted laws to severely limit second amendment rights. In many states and cities airguns are also heavily restricted.

 The assault on second amendment rights began in 1934 with the National Firearms Act. There have been many setbacks and victories for gun rights since then. Gun rights organizations are critical to winning this battle. They also defend the airgun hobby, some indirectly, some more directly. The NRA has an extensive variety of competitive airgun shooting programs and is the most involved.

 I call upon all second amendment supporters to join and promote the gun rights groups linked on our HOME PAGE. They're leading the fight to restore and protect our freedom. They provide links and resources making it easy to stay informed and take action. It's inexpensive and you don't need to own a gun or have a firearm license to join. They aren't always in agreement on certain issues but they are the most effective and widely respected gun rights groups.

 This business is based in Massachusetts. It's one of many states where government has whittled gun rights away to an alarming degree. They enacted an AR-15 and AK-47 ban in 2016, continue to attack second amendment rights and have repeatedly attempted to add severe restrictions on airguns. I founded a gun rights organization in May of 2018 called MAGNUM MILITIA. We're in the early stages of organizing with our primary focus on gaining membership. Our purpose is to help restore and protect second amendment rights in this state and nation-wide.

 Thank you for your time,

 Bill Baldyga, CEO & manager of Magnum Airpower LLC, NRA Endowment Life Member, NRA Golden Eagle, Gun Owners of America Life Member, Second Amendment Foundation Life Member